The Vaudeville Consortium is delighted to announce our fourth Term of 2019!

With the close of our fourth term, comes our very FIRST BIRTHDAY!

So pay attention for some celebratory deals we have for you! :D

 Our experienced and award winning team of teachers this term offer an array of performance styles for students at all levels of experience.

8 WEEK COURSES AVAILABLE: 5th August 2019 - 27th September 2019.

Check out the course descriptions for locations & class information.

Opportunity to perform as part of our theatre show “The Vaudeville Carnival” on September 28th at the Ron Hurley Theatre, Seven Hills.




(*Must enroll and make full payment by July 19th for this offer to be valid*)

 TERM BOOKINGS: Fill in the enrolment form here:

 Payment details will then be sent to you to make payment of your total.

CASUAL BOOKINGS: For classes where casual bookings are accepted, please fill in the enrolment form and add the note that you are casually enrolling. Please bring the correct money $22 to each class for your teacher.


T4 Timetable.JPG

ALL CLASSES AT - PADDINGTON PLAY CENTRE (10 Moreton Street, Paddington)



When: 7.00-8.00pm

Teacher: Rosetta Sterling

Class: Feather Fans in Space

Price: $160 Term or $22 per class for casuals

Are you over the moon for feather fans?

But you wish they were a little more cosmic?

Well Sa-turn that frown upside down, because Rosetta Sterling’s class are taking to the stars to Rocket out in a space themed routine that’s out of this world. Get your Judy Jetson on and learn feather fan tricks to incorporate into your own routines.

Fans are available for student use, please advise when booking if you need to borrow one as sets are limited.


When: 8.00-9.00pm

Teacher: Rosetta Sterling

Class: Cowgirl Beginner Neo

Price: $160 Term or $22 per class for casuals

Head out to the ranch with Rosetta Sterling this term, to ride shotgun underneath the hot sun.

Don your best boot scooting apparel to learn a cute cowgirl routine to George Ezra’s Shotgun.

This class is suitable for beginners and everyone who enjoys the Wild West.



 When: 7.00-8.00pm

Teacher: Scarlet Tinkabelle

Class: Rocklesque

Price: $160 Term or $22 per class for casuals

Taught by Brisbane’s firey fairy this term she’ll be teaching a classic bump & grind with a fruity twist! Pop those cherries in some heels and come grind it out with a rock favourite, Cherry Pie!

Students to bring water bottle, heels & wear comfortable clothing to move in *some floor work involved.


When: 8.00-9.00pm

Teacher: Scarlet Tinkabelle

Available for Private Tuition

Price: $80 per hour or get two sessions for $140!

Want to step into the Spotlight and debut a new solo or refine an existing act? Join Tink and let’s take your performance to the next level!

When: 6.00-7.00pm

Guest Teacher: Chloe the Cocaine

Class: Intorduction to Chinese Hankey

Price: $80 Term or $22 per class for casuals (second 4 weeks only)

 Are you looking for a fun, cheerful, and playful dance routine?

Are you keen to learn about other cultures?

Do you want to broaden your burlesque horizons?


Chloe the Cocaine is going to take you on a spinning, twirling, and tossing journey to China in her Chinese Handkerchief burlesque class!

Hosted by the Vaudeville Consortium, this 4-week-long taster course is open for students of all levels of dance experience. You'll learn to use the vibrant and intriguing Chinese Handkerchief prop, develop expressive movement in your arms, wrists, and fingers, and improve storytelling through your eyes - all while learning a lively and bright routine.

 Chloe the Cocaine has been studying Chinese traditional, classical, and folk dances for more than 25 years, and has been teaching since 2012. As a burlesque performer, she is well-known for her seamless and unique blending of various dance styles, techniques, and cultures on stage.

 Handkerchiefs will be supplied in class for use. Spots are limited!


When: 6.30-7.30pm

Teacher: Trigger Happy

Class: Tap with Trigger

Price: $160 Term or $22 per class for casuals

 Love the idea of making some noise? Want to learn a new skill or learn some more moves?

Learn how to Tap Dance! Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate, we will have some fun and learn some new techniques playing with different tempo’s. We will be creating a rhythmical jazz inspired routine this term!

Bring: Tap shoes, water bottle & wear comfortable clothing.


When: 7.30-8.30pm

Teacher: Trigger Happy

Class: Broadway Jazz

Price: $160 Term or $22 per class for casuals

This course will introduce you to the classic dance style of Theatre Jazz, which first began on Broadway in the 1950s. Learn basic Jazz technique and short choreographed routines from Musicals. If you love Musicals such as A Chorus Line, Chicago, Cabaret and Sweet Charity then this is the course for you!  

What to bring: chorus heels, a water bottle and towel.

When: 8.30-9.30pm

Teacher: Trigger Happy

Class: Showgirls

Price: $160 Term or $22 per class for casuals

Have you always dreamed of being a Vegas showgirl well this is your chance! Join Trigger Happy as he takes you on a journey of high kicks, feathers and the subtle art of tease! This course will cover the fundamentals of what it means to be a showgirl or boy, from decadent costuming to cheeky choreography you'll be transported to the Vegas strip.

This class is suitable for intermediate and above performers and will involve floor work.

What to bring: chorus heels, a water bottle and towel.



When: 7.00-8.00pm

Teacher: Ariel Onyx

Class: Practical Stretch

Price: $160 Term or $22 per class for casuals

Taught by the acrobatic siren herself, Ariel Onyx will help you uncover your area of flexibility.

It doesn't matter if you can touch or toes or never have, take the plunge and discover your stretching strengths!

This 8 week block will include a range of techniques to improve your flexibility, stability and explore skills to suit your style.

Students to bring water bottle, yoga mat if preferred for hard flooring, wear comfortable clothing and socks.


When: 8.00-9.00

Teacher: Ladyle Feu

Class: Slow the Strut Down

Price: $160 Term or $22 per class for casuals

Slow down and dance with me, yeah. SLOW!

Do you ache to slow down that strip enjoy your time in the spotlight and make them ache for that peeling glove as you remove it inch by delectable inch!

Let's face it you get less than 5 minutes on stage to wow tease and please and most of us come off stage a hot sticky mess especially in tropical Brissie. Where even moving an eyelid can bring you put in a sweat. Built for comfort not for speed? In class you will find the sexy in slow and learn to find those moment of delicious pause that will have your audience gagged!

Suitable for all levels although this class does involve a little bit of floor work. Wear comfortable workout clothing, bring water. No towel you ain't getting sweaty but you will get HOT!

Done to Kylie’s song "Slow"



All of The Vaudeville Consortium Teachers are available for you to book for one-on-one coaching tailored to suit your needs! Whether you are wanting to work on an existing act to take it to the next level, begin a new routine or simply wish to hone down on some set skills, our teachers have you covered.

  Private Lessons start at just $80 per hour.

 Fire performance/privates for all levels and various apparatus available with Scarlet Tinkabelle upon request.


Should you have any queries please email us at:

 Booking Form:

Please complete this along with your payment to secure your place in your selected course.

Payment details will be sent to you upon confirming your enrolment. All tuition fees (casuals excluded) to be paid prior to the commencement of term 5th August 2019, unless you are enrolling under the early bird promotion whereby all fees are to be finalised in full by 19th July 2019.

Please note, whilst we cannot offer refunds, for withdrawing from classes due to medical reasons, we are most happy to transfer to another term for you, please just speak with us direct.